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An expert team you can fully trust to protect WordPress and keep user data private

WP Buffs are your experts for WordPress security services for any mix of sites. Equip our services on your site to shield against attacks, patch vulnerabilities, and monitor for ongoing and new threats 24/7. Our security services work constantly to have your website and your web data fully protected.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Managed WordPress Security Services

Our expert engineers have the best practices and techniques to secure your site

Ways We

🔥 Install a Firewall

Implementing a firewall is one of the best ways to keep hackers and spammers at bay. This includes effective blocking options to keep suspicious traffic away from your site.

👹 Brute Force Protection

We can change your login URL, force strong passwords, set up a firewall and activate automated IP blocking to defend against WordPress Brute force attacks on your site.

⚠️ Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor websites for hack attempts in real-time, meaning we can respond to any security issues immediately and tighten security as needed based on the individual threat level.

🔑 Force Secure Passwords

We do a full manual audit of admin user names to make sure it’s nearly impossible for a bot to gain access through a brute force attack. We’ll also require all new users to use strong passwords instead of weak ones.

🔎 Daily Malware Scan

Your website is automatically scanned daily for known and new malware, any form of malicious code and potential backdoors. If our scans find anything, the team will repair any files altered by hackers immediately.

🚧 IP Tracking

We’ll implement intelligent network blocking to prevent traffic from specific locations. If someone tries to access your dashboard or files more than once, we’ll lock out their IP address.

🛡️ Database Protection

Our team secures your database from SQL injection attacks, which add unwelcome content through the DB. This is a common website attack that we block.

✏️ File Permissions

We adjust file permissions so only designated people who you know and trust can add to your files. That means no content where you don’t want it and no malicious code.

🔄 Weekly Plugin + Theme Scan

We scan core, theme, and plugin files weekly to check if the files match the originals in the WordPress repository, to ensure they don’t contain malicious code.

🔒 SSL Certificate

We’ll support the installation of an SSL certificate. Your URL will start with https, all the data on your site will be encrypted and your visitors will feel secure.

Hundreds of Raving Reviews

Mireille, from We Love Lenses

Mireille, from We Love Lenses

"We have had ZERO issues since working with WP Buffs and we feel our WooCommerce store at We Love Lenses is 100% safe and secure."

Corrin Campbell
Corrin Campbell@CorrinCampbell
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I'm just here to say... @thewpbuffs save my blood pressure many, many points on a daily basis. The best website team @Indepreneur_io has had!
Spanish Playground
Spanish Playground@SpanishPlaygrd
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I recently started with @thewpbuffs for #WordPress support on Spanish Playground. No more errors, no more stress - what a relief! #bufftastic
Dr. Linda, OBGYN
Dr. Linda, OBGYN@drlindaobgyn
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#bufftastic @thewpbuffs does fantastic work. I am SO pleased. Their response time to my webite issues is exemplary. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Jacob H.
Jacob H.
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One of the best companies we've ever worked with. They are reasonable pricing, INCREDIBLE customer service and quality. We have been working with WP Buffs...
Ashley B.
Ashley B.
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This team makes my life SO much easier! We used to manage our website interally and when we hit roadblocks it would sometimes take weeks to find solutions...
Summer O.
Summer O.
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I've been using WP Buffs for less than a week, and I'm already amazed at how much they have done for me. I feel like I am working with a friend and partner...
Ryan Carey
Ryan Carey
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I used this service with my business and have been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and organization. They have so many resources...
Christy Coleman
Christy Coleman
Read More
WP Buffs will exceed your expectations in customer service! They are great at what they do... You will not be disappointed going with WP Buffs!
Shannon O'Neill
Shannon O'Neill
Read More
Working with WP Buffs has been great. They are incredibly responsive, offer fast solutions to the issues I send their way, and take the time to describe all...

Additional Security Options

We go above and beyond with security for our clients


🚪 Custom Login URL

If you want, we’ll change your WordPress dashboard login URL from /wp-admin to /your-own-url. That way bots and hackers can’t find your login page so easily.

🐞 Block Fake Google Crawlers

Some malicious code can fake out security systems by simulating real Googlebots. Our protection system knows the difference and won’t let them crawl your website.

💬 Comment Spam Filtering

We’ll clean out junk comments on a daily basis and keep your website and dashboard uncluttered. It also optimizes your database for speed and SEO.

🛠️ Daily Database Optimization

We perform daily cleaning of table overhead in your WordPress database to keep your website running at top speed.

✅ Verify Trusted Sources

We double check all your plugins and themes to make sure they’re from a secure and trusted source. Everything on your website should be authenticated by wordpress.org.

🗑️ Manage Inactive Plugins

Any plugins that aren’t up-to-date can act as potential backdoors, even when disabled. We review the plugins you’re using regularly and remove those you’re not actively using.

⚠️ DNS Change Alerts

We scan your website daily for any DNS changes that occur. This could potentially cause website downtime, so we monitor it regularly.

📱 2-Factor Authentication

If you want an added layer of security for your WordPress dashboard, we’ll implement 2FA. This means you’ll need a code sent to your mobile device to log in.

🔐 Authentication Keys + Salts

We’ll implement a set of random variables that improve encryption of information stored in your users’ cookies. Simply put, this makes it even harder to crack your password.

🔗 Daily Link Scan

We scan your website daily for any links sending visitors to suspicious content or broken pages. We’ll make appropriate adjustments and change the link to point wherever you want.

Care Plans that Include Ongoing Security

Premium WordPress Security Packages that include our full security services

Get our WordPress security services in one of our maintenance plans, which include other services for safe updates, speed optimization, unlimited edits, and more. All of your WordPress technical needs met by our engineers in a flat-rate package.



For Standard WP
Site Maintenance
  • Security Services


For WP Sites Needing
Edits and Security
  • Security Services


For Advanced Functionality
WP Sites
  • Security Services


For Custom Coded
WP Sites
  • Security Services

Custom Pro

For Custom Sites with
Advanced Functionality
  • Security Services

Pairs Great with Other Services

Our WordPress Security Services work perfectly with our Weekly Reports and Daily Backups services included in all plans. The reports provide you with details every week on how your security services are at work on your site, and our daily backups ensure your data isn't lost.

Malware Removal in Perform Plans

Our security services are great at monitoring and preventing malicious attacks on your website, and our Perform Plan even includes full Malware Removal for if your site is infected or has been infected, on top of all of our other security protections.

Have Our Experts Take Care of Your Site

See Our Care Plans

Our monthly packages include speed optimization, unlimited edits, ongoing security, emergency support, weekly maintenance, and more services.

Get Matched with a Care Plan

Answer a few questions about your business and your websites, and our tool will provide you with recommended WordPress package.

Frequently Asked Security Questions

Common Q's we get about our WordPress Security Services


Our expert engineers bring to you premium WordPress security policies and best practices they’ve developed from years of working with and protecting WordPress sites. Get started with our Protect Plan or Perform Plan and we’ll implement our solutions and optimize policies for your unique site to give you the best possible coverage.

We’ll also implement additional security across your WordPress dashboard as needed. These security measures are unique for every website we work with, which means a customized solution for everybody.

Malware is a serious issue for any website, and the great news is that anyone on our Perform Plan get malware removal included in their plans.

Our team of security engineers will scan the site, clear out all malware and check the site for any vulnerable areas such as outdated themes and/or plugins with known vulnerabilities.

After malware has been cleaned up, our team will create a security setup to harden your website to protect against future attacks.

We have plenty of automated tools that will check the status of your website(s). They actually ping your website(s) every minute of every day.

These pings simply check to make sure your site isn’t giving a 400/500 error. If it is, our team knows within 60 seconds that something is wrong and starts troubleshooting the issue immediately to get it addressed as quickly as possible.

Yes! Just get started with our Perform Plan and we’ll have your site cleaned up within 24 hours.

Flexibility that Scales with You

White-label Plans

24/7 support under your own branding with our ongoing care plans for WordPress sites.


Speed optimization

You can fully trust our engineers to achieve loading times under 2 seconds.


WordPress Backups

Your cloud backups of core files and databases are fully managed with Amazon S3 and 1-click restore.


Unlimited Website Edits

Your personal technical team will make any changes you need to your WordPress site.


Weekly Updates

Your plugins, themes and core files will all be updated every week during low-traffic hours.


24/7 Emergency Support

Your website is checked 1,440 times a day. We take action within 60 seconds if it's down.